Supporting Local

Nomad Chiropractic is a small Australian business and as such is a supporter of all things Australian, home grown and small business related. 

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Care For Africa Foundation

Fostering growth and self-sufficiency in communities, through clean water, health, education and economic well-being.

Care for Africa Foundation is a Tasmanian based Not-For-Profit Organisation who travel to Tarime, Mtana in Tanzania every year to help the local communities. Works include: health, education, water (drilling deep water wells and delivering WASH programs) and social enterprises.
   In 2017 Lucy travelled with the group as a volunteer alongside a collective of like-minded volunteers including Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Builders, Teachers, Students and those passionate about international development. 
   Nomad Chiropractic is an avid supporter of Care For Africa Foundation and aims to help raise funds each year for the implementation of the much needed fresh water pumps that are installed in schools for the local communities. If you're looking for a worthy cause to put a few of your spare dollars toward please ask Lucy for more details or see their webpage for information and the link to donate.

Let's GEt ACTIVE !


Elite Energy are a small Australian business based out of Nowra who organise awesome triathlons on the East Coast. Promoting a social way to have an active, healthy lifestyle - there's an event for every fitness level. If you're thinking of trying triathlon ask Lucy about them because she's a frequent weekend warrior. Grinning is winning after all!

Studio Pilates Mosman

Discover your new fitness obsession with Studio Pilates’s 40min sessions that are high energy, fun, and challenging both mentally and physically. Compliment your chiropractic corrective care with workouts designed to stabilise your your spine and postural improvements.

Located at Memory Park Mosman
Suite 1, 44A Avenue Road Mosman 2088
Mob: 0449 782 949
Instagram: @lattes_and_pilates



Felicity Huges - Lactation Consultant IBCLC, Registered Midwife and Mother of 4.

- How do you know when your baby is full?
- Why won’t he sleep?
- Why is my baby crying all the time?
- Nipple damage, blocked ducts, mastitis, flat or inverted nipples, and multiples.
- And SO much more.

Providing breastfeeding support in the comfort and convenience of your own home.
Facebook: @motherhoodmatterslactation
Mob: 0404 868 426