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There’s an ideal shape for your spine to be in - what does yours look like?

Chiropractic care addresses postural distortions. There’s an ideal shape for your spine to be in to essentially distribute the weight of your head over you shoulders, hips, knees and feet. Distortion of the curvature of your spine results in over-activation of some muscle groups and under-activation of others to account for the change in your centre of gravity.

One of the most common postures seen these days is thoracic kyphosis and forward head carriage, which is generally associated with prolonged sitting and the iPhone era of “text-neck”.

It can have knock on effects to your overall wellbeing and so chiropractic adjustments aim to gently resolve associated joint restrictions to alleviate unnecessary stress on your joints, muscles and nervous system; and return your body to an ideal bio-mechanically sound posture.

For a simple family check - as we often don’t realise our posture is distorted - please see the attached basic sheet.

For a posture screen, a full spinal assessment or just for more information please don’t hesitate to contact us at Nomad Chiropractic on Ph 9969 7503.